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Brilinta 90mg Tablet

Name: Brilinta 90mg Tablet
Manufacturer: Astra Zeneca
MRP: Rs. 700.00
Unit Price: Rs. 50.00
Package Price: Rs. 700.00 (Qty.: 14)
Package Form: strip
Medicine Form: tablet

What is Brilinta?

Brilinta is an anti-thrombotic agent which helps in preventing formation of blood clots. The medicine does so by preventing platelets from sticking together; an action which eventually leads to clot formation.

Composition of Brilinta:

The active ingredient of Brilinta is Ticagrelor which has anti-thrombotic action of the platelets. This prevents clot formation which in turn prevents blocking of blood vessels due to the clots. Other ingredients of the drug which are neutral, help Ticagrelor to act.

What is Brilinta Used For?

Following are the medical indications for Brilinta:

  • Angina pectoris
  • Myocardial ischemia
  • Onset of heart attack
  • Long term treatment after suffering from a heart attack

Side Effects of Brilinta:

Hypersensitivity to Brilinta can lead to development of some side effects in some patients. Some of these side effects have been mentioned below:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Sensation of constriction in the chest
  • Tendency to bleed
  • Increased tendency to bruise

If patients experience any of these side effects, they should stop consuming the medicine immediately. Initiation of prompt treatment of side effects will help in preventing further health complications.

Precautions for Brilinta Consumption:

The therapeutic property of Brilinta can turn out to be harmful if the medicine is consumed without adequate medical indications. Certain precautions are to be observed by patients who are on a course of this drug. Some of these precautions have been mentioned below:

  • Patients having bleeding disorders like thrombocytopenia should not use Brilinta without consulting with a hematologist.
  • Brilinta is not meant for consumption of children. Usage of this drug in them could lead to severe health complications.
  • Patients who have been diagnosed with blood cancer should not use Brilinta unless it has been advised.
  • Patients who have taken a previous dose of anti-coagulants or thrombolytic drugs should not start a course of Brilinta without consulting with a cardiologist or hematologist.
  • It is imperative to keep a definite time interval between two consecutive doses, in order to avoid excessive accumulation of Brilinta in the circulation.
  • Doctor should be informed about any other medicines that the patient might be taking, in order to avoid drug interference with Brilinta.

It is important to follow the above mentioned and any other instructions the doctor might give. This helps in avoiding ill effects of Brilinta and ensures that the therapeutic effects of the drug are maximized.

Brilinta Alternatives:

Other medicines having similar drug composition to Brilinta can be used as a substitute for it. One of these medicines is listed below:

  • Axcer Tablet

The above mentioned tablet may be used in place of Brilinta, but only after consulting with a doctor.

Brilinta FAQs:

  • Is Brilinta safe to use during pregnancy?
    Use of Brilinta is not indicated during pregnancy as it may lead to mishaps like abortion or cause harm to the mother and her unborn baby.

  • Which cardiac conditions do not respond to treatment with Brilinta?
    Rheumatic heart disease, congenital malformation of heart tissue, coronary aneurysm, cardiac failure, will not respond to treatment with Brilinta. These disorders need more intensive medical therapy and many times, surgery as well.