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Combigan Eye Drop 0.5%/0.2%

Name: Combigan Eye Drop 0.5%/0.2%
Manufacturer: Allergan India Pvt Ltd
MRP: Rs. 423.31
Unit Price: Rs. 423.31
Package Price: Rs. 423.31 (Qty.: 1)
Package Form: packet
Medicine Form: ml of eye drop

What is Combigan?

Combigan eye drops are used for the therapeutic effect they have in reducing abnormally elevated pressure within the eye balls.

Composition of Combigan?

Combigan eye drops are composed of Timolol (5 mg) and Brimonidine (2 mg). Timolol is responsible for reducing pressure within the eye balls. Brimonidine helps to reduce the amount of fluid produced within the eye ball. Both the drugs in combination, help in maintaining normal intraocular pressure. Other inactive ingredients (excipients) are required to help the action of these therapeutic components of Combigan.

What is Combigan Used for?

The therapeutic use of Combigan is for treatment of glaucoma. This is an eye condition involving abnormal elevation of pressure within the eye ball. Timolol and Brimonidine together are responsible for controlling the pressure and normalizing it in glaucoma patients.

Side effects of Combigan:

It is often observed that the therapeutic effect of drugs in one disorder become a source of harm in a healthy person. Combigan also tends to exert undesirable effects on the health if used without any indication or if used in a wrong manner. Some of these side effects have been mentioned below:

  • Mild itching and irritation in the eyes
  • Drowsiness
  • Temporary haziness of the vision
  • Stinging of the eyes upon addition of the drops
  • Allergic response to the drug could lead to itching, swelling, irritation or redness of one or various body parts.

It is imperative to inform the physician if patients using Combigan have developed any of these side effects from the drug. Apart from what has been mentioned above, Combigan could also lead to the development of a few other side effects, depending on patient's individual sensitivity.

Precautions for Combigan Administration:

Combigan is generally used for reducing internal pressure of the eye ball. It is a potent drug and should be used with caution in certain conditions. Some of the important things to be remembered about usage of Combigan are mentioned below:

  • Patients who are suffering from or have a history of asthma, cardiac disorders, blood pressure disorder, thyroid disorders, diabetes, should consult with an eye specialist before using Combigan eye drops.
  • It is important to inform the eye specialist if there has been any previous episode of glaucoma.
  • If the eye drops hamper with vision in any way, they should be discontinued and the eye specialist should be consulted immediately.
  • Breast feeding women should not use these eye drops. The effect of the drug tends to pass through breast milk and could harm the baby.
  • Patients using contact lenses should remember to remove their lenses before administering the eye drops.
  • Pediatric patients should be given this medicine only if a pediatric eye specialist prescribes it.

Following these instructions go a long way in enhancing the therapeutic effect of Combigan and avoiding its harmful effects. These and any other instructions provided by the eye specialist doctor should be followed by patients using Combigan eye drops.

Combigan Alternatives:

Drugs with drug composition similar to Combigan can be used as its substitute as they will have similar therapeutic effects. Names of few of these drugs have been mentioned below:

  • Albrim eye drops
  • Brimocom eye drops
  • Globrim eye drops

Patients should not switch from Combigan to any other eye drops unless the physician advises to do so.

Combigan FAQs:

  • How should Combigan eye drops be used?
    Combigan eye drops are used for external administration only. They should not be consumed internally. The frequency and amount of drops to be used varies with each patient and may also be changed as the treatment duration progresses.

  • How are Combigan eye drops stored?
    Combigan eye drops should be stored in the same container in which they are provided in the pharmacy. The bottle should be kept closed always and away from sunlight and extremes of temperature. Patients should see to it that they do not touch the tip of the eye dropper, to avoid infection.

  • Is Combigan safe to be taken during pregnancy?
    Pregnant women should not use Combigan unless they consult with their gynecologist and an eye specialist. The drug might not be safe to be used in all cases of pregnancy.