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Contractubex Gel

Name: Contractubex Gel
Manufacturer: Win-Medicare Pvt Ltd
MRP: Rs. 775.00
Unit Price: Rs. 38.75
Package Price: Rs. 775.00 (Qty.: 20)
Package Form: Tube
Medicine Form: Gel

What is Contractubex Gel?

Contractubex gel is a cream used to treat various skin disorders and leave the skin smooth and healthy. The drug acts by stimulating formation of new skin cells and blood vessels, thus speeding up the healing process. It also reduces scar formation considerably.

Composition of Contractubex Gel:

The active ingredients in Contractubex gel are Allantoin, Extractum Cepae Cepalin and Heparin. These ingredients together help in healthy skin healing, healing of damaged blood vessels and curbing scar formation. Apart from these, other neutral ingredients are also part of Contractubex gel which help the active ingredients to act on the skin.

What is Contractubex Gel Used For?

Contractubex gel is used to treat the following skin conditions:

  • Keloids
  • Acne scars
  • Cut injuries
  • Skin burns
  • Skin fissures

Other skin conditions which have not been mentioned above may also be treated using Contractubex gel.

Side Effects of Contractubex Gel:

Contractubex gel can cause side effects if used without any medical indication, if it is used in excess, or if patient is allergic to either of its components. Some of the side effects of the gel are mentioned below:

  • Itching of skin
  • Rash and redness of skin
  • Dry skin
  • Dark discoloration of skin
  • Pain or swelling of the skin where gel has been applied

Other than these, other side effects could also occur due to usage of Contractubex gel. Patients should stop using the gel and contact their doctor/dermatologist immediately.

Precautions for Contractubex Application:

Patients should follow certain do's and dont's while using Contractubex gel, in order to avoid development of harmful drug reactions. Some of the important points which will help to do so have been mentioned below:

  • Patients should inform their doctor about any skin disorder they might have had in the past before starting a course of Contractubex.
  • Doctor should be made aware of any medicines the patient might be taking for other health conditions.
  • Contractubex is contraindicated in treatment of deep wounds or wounds that are infected.
  • Contractubex gel should not come in contact with the eyes as it could lead to burning and watering of eyes.
  • Contractubex should be kept stored in a cool dry place away from extremes of temperature.
  • Skin disorders in children should not be treated with Contractubex, unless a pediatrician has prescribed the gel.

Following these instructions will disallow any harmful drug reaction and enhance the therapeutic effect of the gel.

Contractubex Alternatives:

Suitable alternatives for Contractubex gel are mentioned below:

  • Scar Gel

Scar gel should be used in place of Contractubex only if a dermatologist has prescribed it.

Contractubex FAQs:

  • When is the use of Contractubex contraindicated?
    Contractubex should not be used if patient has been diagnosed of psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, skin cancer and other such serious dermatological disorders.

  • What is the ideal way of using Contratubex gel?
    Contractubex gel is suited for use as an external application only. The affected portion of skin where the gel is to be applied, should be dry and free from infection or allergy. The gel is not to be consumed orally or applied on any mucosal lining.