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Pankreoflat 170mg/80mg Tablet

Name: Pankreoflat 170mg/80mg Tablet
Manufacturer: Abbott India Ltd
MRP: Rs. 102.00
Unit Price: Rs. 9.30
Package Price: Rs. 93.00 (Qty.: 10)
Package Form: strip
Medicine Form: tablet

What is Pankreoflat?

Pankreoflat is a anti-flatulence medicine which helps in improving digestive functions. The medicine helps in realigning the disturbances in digestive tract by increasing the levels of pancreatic enzymes available for digestion.

Composition of Pankreoflat:

Pankreoflat tablet is a combination of the following drugs:

  • Pancreatin
  • Dimethicone

Both these are the active ingredients of Pankreoflat and act via the medium of other ingredients which are inactive and do not interfere with the drug action.

What is Pankreoflat Used for?

The therapeutic indications of Pankreoflat have been listed below:

  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Poor digestion
  • Dysfunctional bowel habits
  • Pancreatic dysfunction

Apart from these, Pankreoflat may be used for other purposes not listed above. The medicine should be taken with a physician's prescription only.

Side Effects of Pankreoflat:

Pankreoflat tends to cause some side effects in case of overuse, wrong use or hypersensitivity to the drug. The side effects of Pankreoflat have been mentioned below:

  • Bitter taste lingering for a long time
  • Coated tongue

Apart from the above mentioned symptoms, other side effects of the drug may also be experienced by patients. To avoid these side effects, patients must ensure that they do not use the medicine without a prescription.

Precautions for Pankreoflat Consumption:

Patients who are on a course of Pankreoflat should follow certain precautions in order to avoid harmful effects of the medicine. Some of these instructions are given below:

  • Patients who are on a course of Pankreoflat, should abstain from alcohol till the course is completed. Alcohol tends to alter the action of Pankreoflat.
  • It is essential for patients to maintain the dose of Pankreoflat in accordance with physician's prescription.
  • Pankreoflat is not meant for consumption by children below the age of 18 years.
  • Patients suffering for cancer or ulcer of the digestive tract should not use Pankreoflat without consulting with a gastroenterologist.
  • Patients who have undergone recent intestinal surgery should not use this medicine without consulting with a gastroenterologist or gastro surgeon.

Apart from these, other precautions might be advised to the patient regarding consumption of Pankreoflat.

Pankreoflat Alternatives:

Some medicines listed below resemble Pankreoflat in drug composition and therapeutic action:

  • Zymobus Tablet
  • Endyze Tablet
  • Diapepsin Tablet
  • Debul Tablet

Any of the above mentioned medicines could be used as substitutes to Pankreoflat, if the physician sees fit. But patients should not change from Pankreoflat to any of these medicines without a prescription.

Pankreoflat FAQs:

  • What is the ideal way of consuming Pankreoflat?
    Doctors usually advise a dose of Pankreoflat to be consumed before meals, as this allows the medicine to act better. The frequency of dose should be maintained as per a physician's prescription.

  • What diet should be followed while taking a course of Pankreoflat?
    Though there is no strict diet prescribed to patients who are on a course of Pankreoflat, some restrictions always help. Patients should try to exclude spicy and oily food from their diet and include more fiber rich foods. This helps the digestive tract to heal easily also enhances the drug action.