Telma ACT Tablet 40mg/5mg/12.5mg

Name: Telma ACT Tablet 40mg/5mg/12.5mg
Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
MRP: Rs. 120.00
Unit Price: Rs. 12.00
Package Price: Rs. 120.00 (Qty.: 10)
Package Form: strip
Medicine Form: tablet

What is Telma ACT?

Telma ACT is a medicine which helps in reducing blood pressure in hypertensive patients. The medicine is composed of various drugs which employ several mechanisms to help dilation of blood vessels, which eventually reduces blood pressure.

Composition of Telma ACT:

The drug composition of Telma ACT is as follows:

  • Amlodipine
  • Telmisartan
  • Chlorthalidone

What is Telma ACT Used for?

Telma ACT is used for controlling blood pressure in case of Hypertension. Several disorders which have hypertension as a major symptom, respond well to Telma ACT. However, other symptoms of these disorders may require separate medical treatment.

Side Effects of Telma ACT:

Telma ACT has an effect on blood vessels which allow them to dilate, thus reducing blood pressure. This same effect could lead to unfavorable reactions if the medicine is taken in excess or without any medical indication. Some of the side effects of Telma ACT have been mentioned below:

  • Dizzy feeling
  • Sensation of loss of consciousness
  • Swelling around eyes, face, extremities
  • Head congestion
  • Breathlessness

Other symptoms of discomfort may also be experienced by patients who are taking a course of Telma ACT. It is important to report any side effects to a doctor and seek treatment for the same immediately.

Precautions for Telma ACT Consumption:

Telma ACT has an dilating effect on the blood vessels which helps it to regulate blood pressure. The same property can be harmful if used by patients without any medical indication. Hence, the usage of Telma ACT is governed by some instructions, which have been mentioned below:

  • Telma ACT should be taken only when it has been prescribed by a physician and in the prescribed dose only.
  • Telma ACT is strictly prohibited in pregnant women and lactating mothers as it may harm the baby's health.
  • Patients with tendency to develop low blood pressure must not use Telma ACT as this could lead to development of hypovolemic shock.
  • Smoking cigarettes or using tobacco in any other form is prohibited when patient is on a course of Telma ACT.
  • Patients having history of, or currently active vascular disorders like varicose veins, Kawasaki syndrome, A-V fistula, should inform their physician before starting on a course of Telma ACT.
  • Cases of juvenile hypertension should not be treated using Telma ACT unless it has been prescribed by a pediatrician.

Apart from the above mentioned instructions, patients may be given other specifications as well. All these instructions must be followed in order to prevent any harmful drug reaction.

Telma ACT Alternatives:

Other anti-hypertensive drugs having similar chemical composition to Telma ACT can be used as suitable alternatives to it. Some of these drugs have been listed below:

  • Telmed ACT Tablet
  • Tritelsar Tablet

Either of these tablets may be used in place of Telma ACT if a physician recommends.

Telma ACT FAQs:

  • Is Telma ACT safe?
    Telma ACT is a potent vasodilator and helps in controlling high blood pressure in hypertensive patients. It is safe and does not cause any fatal reactions if all the precautions regarding its usage are followed well.

  • What is the ideal way to consume Telma ACT tablet?
    Telma ACT should be consumed after meals preferably by swallowing it whole with plain water. The tablet should not be chewed, crushed or dissolved in water while swallowing it.

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