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Chymoral Forte Tablet

Name: Chymoral Forte Tablet
Manufacturer: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
MRP: Rs. 201.92
Unit Price: Rs. 25.24
Package Price: Rs. 201.92 (Qty.: 8)
Package Form: Strip
Medicine Form: Tablet

What is Chymoral Forte?

Chymoral Forte is a medicine with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It has many therapeutic uses for treatment of conditions where pain and swelling are observed mainly.

Composition of Chymoral Forte:

The active ingredients of Chymoral Forte are enzymes Chymotrypsin and Trypsin. These are enzymes which are usually available in combination with one another. They have the capacity to reduce edema which is associated with every type of tissue inflammation.

What is Chymoral Forte Used for?

The therapeutic indications of Chymoral Forte are as follows:

  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Post-surgery inflammation
  • As a prophylactic to prevent edema during and after cataract surgery
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Gout

It should be remembered that Chymoral Forte will help to relieve only those symptoms which are related to inflammation. Other medicines may also be required for complete treatment of the concerned disorder.

Side Effects of Chymoral Forte:

Chymoral tends to display side effects in some cases if the drug is used in excess or used wrongly. Hypersensitivity of patients may also be responsible for development of side effects. Some of these unpleasant symptoms which develop due to the drug have been mentioned below:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Edema around the eye
  • Hives, itching and redness of skin

Apart from these, other side effects may be experienced by patients who are on a course of Chymoral Forte.

Precautions for Chymoral Forte Consumption:

Patients who have already started or are going to start a course of Chymoral Forte should remember the following points in order to avoid harmful drug reactions:

  • Patients who are on a course of Chymoral Forte should not consume alcohol or tobacco in any form, as this could interfere with the drug action.
  • Patients with active liver or kidney disorders should not use Chymoral Forte without consulting with a physician.
  • Patients suffering from any blood disorder should consult with a hematologist before using Chymoral Forte tablet.
  • Chymoral Forte is not meant for consumption in small children.
  • Patients should inform their doctor about any other medicines they might be taking, in order to avoid drug interaction with Chymoral Forte.

Following these precautions helps in maximizing the therapeutic effect of the drug which ensures speedy recovery of the patient.

Chymoral Forte Alternatives:

Following are the drugs which resemble Chymoral Forte in chemical composition and therapeutic action:

  • Flotrip-Forte Tablet
  • K Trip Forte Tablet
  • Tripcy Tablet
  • Chymotech Tablet

These medicines can be used a as substitute to Chymoral Forte, but only on a doctor's prescription.

Chymoral Forte FAQs:

  • Does Chymoral Forte contain steroids?
    No steroids are present in Chymoral Forte, thus making the drug very safe for use in most patients. However, the tablet should not be used without a doctor's prescription.

  • Is Chymoral Forte safe during pregnancy?
    Women who are breastfeeding their baby and expecting mothers are advised to avoid using Chymoral Forte tablet as it could pose a risk to the mother and child.