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Anin 5mg Tablet

Name: Anin 5mg Tablet
Manufacturer: Ind Swift Laboratories Ltd
MRP: Rs. 141.65
Unit Price: Rs. 12.88
Package Price: Rs. 128.80 (Qty.: 10)
Package Form: strip
Medicine Form: tablet

What is Anin?

Anin is an artificially synthesized female hormone which helps in regulating the hormonal cycle which controls female reproductive system. This property of Anin helps in treatment of many gynecological health conditions and also health issues related to pregnancy.

Composition of Anin:

Anin tablet is chemically composed of Allylestrenol which belongs to the class of Progestins. These are artificially synthesized progesterone substitutes and help in regulating the imbalance of female reproductive system.

What is Anin Used for?

Anin has medicinal uses in the following cases:

For Female Patients:

  • History of recurrent abortion
  • Premature nset of labor
  • As oral contraceptive
  • Possible risk of abortion
  • Hampered intrauterine growth of the fetus
For Male Patients:
  • Benign hyperplasia of prostate gland

Patients should not use this medicine unless advised by a doctor, as wrong use could lead to abnormal changes in the hormonal cycle.

Side Effects of Anin:

Anin will cause development of unpleasant symptoms if used in a wrong way or if it is used without any indication. Some of the side effects associated with Anin are mentioned below:

  • Vomiting
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Excessive need to sleep
  • Dizziness

Other side effects which have not been mentioned above may also be associated with Anin. Patients who experience these side effects, should inform the doctor immediately.

Precautions for Anin Consumption:

Patients should remember the following things before starting a course of Anin:

  • Pregnant women should take Anin only if they have been advised by a gynecologist.
  • Women who have experienced miscarriage before, should not start a course of Anin unless their gynecologist has prescribed it.
  • Women who are taking oral contraceptive pills should inform their gynecologist before starting a course of Anin.
  • Girls who have recently attained Menarche should not be given Anin tablet.
  • Male patients who have been diagnosed with prostate gland cancer should not take Anin tablet.
  • Patients with history of kidney, liver or cardiac disorders should inform their doctor before starting a course of Anin.

Following these instructions helps in avoiding development of side effects or adverse reactions of Anin.

Anin Alternatives:

The best alternative to a medicine is another medicine which has the same composition and therapeutic effects. Listed below are names of some drugs which can be used in place of Anin:

  • Prolin A Tablet
  • Pregmain Tablet
  • Maintaine Tablet
  • Fulterm Tablet
  • Gestin Tablet

These medicines can be used in place of Anin only if advised by a gynecologist.

Anin FAQs:

  • Which gynecological disorders do not respond to Anin?
    Health conditions like PCOD, Premature ovarian failure, Ovarian cancer, Cervical cancer, Endometriosis do not respond to treatment by Anin tablet.

  • How should the dosage of Anin be maintained?
    Anin tablet should be swallowed whole without crushing or chewing it. The medicine should be taken at the same time daily to avoid missing a dose. It is inadvisable to consume a double dose in order to compensate for a previously missed dose.