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Vigamox 0.5% Eye Drop

Name: Vigamox 0.5% Eye Drop
Manufacturer: Alcon Laboratories
MRP: Rs. 250.00
Unit Price: Rs. 50.00
Package Price: Rs. 250.00 (Qty.: 1)
Package Form: packet
Medicine Form: ML of eye drop

What is Vigamox?

Vigamox is a brand of antibiotic eye drops that helps in treatment of various eye infections. The medicine acts by disallowing the bacteria to form a protective covering of their own, leaving them exposed and making them easy to destroy.

Composition of Vigamox:

The active ingredient of Vigamox is Moxifloxacin, which is an antibiotic. It acts via the medium of other ingredients which are neutral and do not interfere with the drug action.

What is Vigamox Used For?

Vigamox eye drops are indicated in the following health conditions:

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Stye
  • Keratitis
  • Chalazion

Vigamox can be used for other types of eye infections as well, and should be used only after consulting with an ophthalmologist.

Side Effects of Vigamox:

Viganox is a powerful medicine with capability to annihilate bacterial infections of the eye. Sometimes, the drug is known to produce the following side effects:

  • Itching of eyes
  • Photophobia
  • Redness of the skin around eyes which gets exposed to eye drops
  • Swelling of eye lids
  • Bitter after-taste in the nasopharynx

Apart from these, other side effect could also be experienced by patients using Vigamox. Each of these unpleasant symptoms is not observed in each patient using Vigamox eye drops. However, it is essential to have complete knowledge of these drugs in order to be more observant about one's health.

Precautions for Vigamox:

Patients who are on Vigamox need to follow certain precautions, in order to avoid any harmful drug reactions. Some of these precautions are as follows:

  • Patients who use contact lenses must take care not to wear them while administrating Vigamox eye drops.
  • It is essential to use Vigamox eye drops only in the prescribed quantity and not in excess. Using excess of eye drops could cause symptoms of drug overuse.
  • Vigamox eye drops are meant for external use only and should not be consumed orally.
  • Patients must stop using Vigamox immediately if they experience any side effects from it.
  • While administering Vigamox drops, direct contact must be avoided between the tip of the medicine bottle and the patient's eye.
  • A bottle of Vigamox should never be shared between 2 or more people. This is essential in order to avoid passing infection from one person to another.

Ophthalmologists may give other instructions as well, regarding usage of Vigamox. Following these instructions is essential in order to avoid any harmful effect on patients' health.

Vigamox Alternatives:

Following is a list of eye drops which can be used as a substitute to Vigamox:

  • Mahaflox Eye Drops
  • Moxiford Eye Drops
  • Moxieye Gel Eye Drops

Ophthalmologists could prescribe any of the above mentioned eye drops in place of Vigamox. However, patients are advised not to change the brand of medicines unless it has been prescribed.

Vigamox FAQs:

  • Which eye disorders will not respond to Vigamox?
    Disorders of errors of refraction like short sightedness, long sightedness, astigmatism, and conditions like cataract, glaucoma, will not respond to Vigamox. These disorders need more intense therapy and sometimes even surgery.

  • When is the use of Vigamox strictly contraindicated?
    Vigamox is strictly contraindicated if patients are having cuts or abrasions of any type on the eye. If drops are administered in such a condition, it will lead to a lot of discomfort in the eye and may even delay the healing process of the eye injury.